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Greetings Reader(s),

I found it extremely difficult to come up with ONE objective to write about for our first “Reflection Blog”! Here’s the reason: Social_Skelly asked us to accomplish something in Twitter this week and then write about it — relecting about our experience in meeting our objective and what we learned. I was finding myself jumping all over the place in terms of what I was learning and doing around the subject of Twitter; so as a result became very frustrated with choosing just one of them!! The assignment was given on 2/5/13 and this frustration I was having being unsettled with this lasted 3 days!!! Finally, I came to the realization that I could tie several different Twitter related learnings into one larger objective statement!! (Moment of Enlightenment – Da!) So, 3 days into the assignment I finally knew what I wanted for my objective statement — I bet you can hardly wait to read on!…..Here it is:

My Twitter objective this week was to increase twitter knowledge by learning and applying at least 5 new things within my Twitter account, including:
1) Making a class list titled mktgFiends
2) Locating and following new twitter accounts related to my small business
3) Completing a Marketing Influencers Analysis using, which we had begun in our last Social Media Marketing Class
4) Attaching at least 2 pictures to my Twitter page
5) Adding to the basic profile created

Given the above list, I will comment on the results and learnings for each one in the same order respectively. Overall, before getting into the detail, I need to express one higher level learning experienced with this assignment which extends way beyond social media marketing. It is my delight in being able to tell you I have met my objective this week!  It is so rewarding to be able to blog about that and I can see where ‘objective related blogging’ is also motivational!! When you write down your objective and have a timeline to meet it, and then get to write about how you met or exceeded it, (which others may also read!), it is very satisfying!!!!   🙂

Now let’s get on to the details. For the first task, I compiled a private list labled ‘mktgFiends’ to include all Social Media Marketing class members.  I began this after listening to Lisa’s instructions in our last class and completed it during the week.  I went into Lisa’s list, which she so kindly left public, and added anyone to the list I was not already following.  The only difficulty I had with this is when going on our D2L classlist it looked like there were 24 members, including Social_Skelly, and I can only come up with 22.  I think I’m missing Charles Peterson, but that name is eluding me with many others by that name on twitter, and I don’t get a match when using the handle posted by him on D2L (@charles1404178).  I will have to get some Tweet help on that one, so will do that by next class.

Second, I searched keywords & hashtags, then added some twitter accounts closely related to my local business community.  These included Woodbury, Stillwater and Hudson Chambers were we primarily do business. Another more national or even global one to follow was Houzz, which connects homeowners, architects, designers and builders to work with home improvement and design projects.

After expanding my business related keyword search on Twitter, I worked on my third objective on Klout, looking at the marketing influencer ratings for the 150 or so I was following at that time. The ones with the highest ratings (in the 90’s) were mostly global recognized leaders (dalai lama), media (NPR) or pop culture/celebrities (Oprah Winfrey, Yoko Ono, NFL),  The ones in my business/industry were HGTV (89), Architectual Digest (86), This Old House (83), and Home Depot (79). On a side note, from the time I first logged on to Klout to the time of this blog post (about 5 days), my personal rating went from a score of 15 to 19.  I was pretty pleased with myself until seeing some of my classmates way beyond that!  I would like to give kudos to @robeggers, who topped our class score with a 61 at my last ‘klout-ing’ (social_skelly, I hope it’s ok to make up some of your own words when blogging, but let me know if not, for next time!).

I will end with commenting on the last two tasks together. For both I simply explored my twitter account settings further using the help tool to enhance my profile and learn how to add pictures.  I added more about me in my bio section including a website and also connected the app to my Twitter account.

All in All it was a very good week in the new Social Media Marketing world of @designbycd!


One thought on “CD Reflection Blog I – SMM Class

  1. Wonderful blog Cheryl – I found your “eureka moment” story very compelling. I firmly believe that the greatest things we learn in life are those we learn through self-discovery and experience, not those we learn directly from another.

    Check out @MarketKingChuck for Charles on Twitter.

    You are welcome to create as many words as you like so long as you abide by one important social rule: Your new word must make sense either by A) conventional wisdom (as in “klout-ing”) or B) your defining of the term.

    Just never leave your readers dumbfounded. 😉

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