CD Reflection Blog II – SMM Class

Greetings Readers,

Welcome to the second reflection blog for my social media marketing class.

My objective this week was to work on increasing knowledge related to my site and applying at least 5 new things within my site or this new blog post. They included:

  • Reviewing comments recieved:from previous blog
  • Reading other class blogs and leaving a comment for at least 1-2 authors, if site allowed
  • Review page settings, appearances and tools to enhance current site and use tools such as sharing links
  • Set up a YouTube account and attach a video to this blog from YouTube
  • Upload a powerpoint presentation from Slideshare, which is the SMM tool I presented in class last week.

The first action item was an easy one!  I recieved a comment and feedback on some things I was uncertain on in writing my very first Blog.  I can see where comments can be valuable for bloggers to refine and continuously improve their posts.

Before receiving comments on my own blog,  I felt compelled to read several class blogs that were publicly posted — and left comments on at least two of them.  I wanted to express feedback regarding the creativity I felt they put into their blogs and obtained many additional ideas to develop mine!  It is so very interesting how different they all were.  To me it was just another example of ‘how we each bring different ideas to the table’ and learn from each other.   Social_Skelly was commenting on that also last week, & I TOTALLY agree with him — I am learning a ton from my classmates!!

My third WordPress related action was to re-visit some of the tools presented in the online Essential Training.and apply some of them in order to further develop my blog site. You will now see additional information on my ‘About Page’,  you can access share links to other social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest and/or ‘Like’ a blog. You can also view my new home page tagline.  I decided I wanted something more related to what I am about, even though the one WordPress had auto generated was very eye catching!  If you are new to my blog site this week you missed it, so here it is, recreated just for you —  “4 or 5 dentists recommend this site”.  Now you will know what I mean!

The last thing under “Tools”   I set out to do was place a “PressThis” bookmark on my favorites list, and then attempt to upload images, videos and other URL links I may want to use for future blogs. I thought I was going to be able to go right to videos to post them, but found it just took me back to the “PressThis” tools page on  I’ll have to go back to the training materials to see what I’m missing; and it also looked like I may have to pay for the premium package in order to upload videos?  If any reader has knowledge of how to do this without upgrading my account, I would be very interested in and appreciate your feedback!  In the meantime I did visit “Freshly Pressed” and selected three interior design related blogs I was interested in that I could use in the future.  For now they appear as “reblogged” and I created separate categories titled SMM Class Blogs & Interior Design. I may explore other ways to present them in my next blog.

Since I was setting out to include videos in the future, this brings me to a YouTube confession.  I never had signed up for an account in the past, so decided it was time to do so now!  Problem is, I have several email accounts with school and small business and by mistake set it up on a customer lead generation site we have for our call center!!  Live and learn, right?  LOL!  So now I’m re-setting it up through the email tied to this wordpress account and hopefully I will be able to link that as well.

My fifth action item will have to go on the next blog as I did not get to that one; however I do want to try the SlideShare upload tool that Social_Skelly mentioned may be usefull for bloggers to use if wanting to post a slideshow in the blog or LinkedIn, for example. This allows readers to access other than only MS Powerpoint.

All in all, again some good learnings this week in my new world of SMM!



2 thoughts on “CD Reflection Blog II – SMM Class

  1. What adventures you had a week ago! I think all of these objectives are valuable exercises. On Tuesday we will be learning how to embed videos, tweets, audio, and pretty much anything else into our WordPress blogs. We’ll also be discussing some video best practices. Stay tuned!

    • Thanks, Stephen! I was trying to embed a video in reflection blog 3, but may need the March 5th class training! Sure it will help me!

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