CD Reflection Blog IV – SMM Class

Greetings Readers,

As you notice in my site title, my blogs are inspired by design & SMM learnings. This week I am practicing some of my recent SMM learnings while adding a little Inspiration & “Enlightenment”, for your enjoyment!

First, click below for “Enlightenment”…..

My two learning & practice objectives were:

  • Continue last week’s learnings related to blog comment moderation, Spam deletion and embedding videos.  Also worked a bit more on my YouTube account.
  • Review additional features of, including support/forum resources, Reader, and identifying at least 4 blogs to initially follow.

Objective 1 –

I further reviewed information from Akismet and completed moderation of previous blog post comments received. I also used tips from @social_skelly, such as looking for a business name in the username area of the comment for identifying Spam.  Two comments were from the  “Social Media Marketing Blog” and “Search Engine Optimization Blog” sources.  They offered an almost identical list of tips to improve blog writer skills – that was unexpected, but interesting. The Akismet resource offered a helpful (and humorus!) clarification on the Akismet Stats page of my WordPress site:

What the heck is ham doing on my blog? I’m a vegetarian.

Spam most people know; it’s the unwanted commercial comments on their blogs. Ham is what we call its counterpart, legitimate comments. On the Akismet mistakes side, missed spam is pretty self-explanatory, and a false positive is a legitimate comment incorrectly identified as spam (which, we hope, happens very rarely). Also, we meant no offense to vegetarians.

The next thing I worked on was returning to my new YouTube account to search interesting videos and create a few channel subscriptions on the account. The support feature also confirmed the process for embedding video on WordPress.  I understand we will be working next in class to create and publish our own YouTube video — this should be a fun way to learn video publishing!!   So stay tuned, readers, and watch for my own video creation published on an upcoming blog!!!

In the meantime, click the embedded video below for some Inspirational elements today:

Objective 2 –

I took a further look at Support and Forum resources, beginning with the front page forum vounteer featured on the WordPress main page this week, Tess Warn.   This is an interesting article discussing how she started blogging and ultimately volunteered for the forum in order to help other beginning bloggers.  Check out the story at  I thought this was an awesome resource and intend to use it in the future.

I then moved on to look at the ‘Reader’ feature of WordPress.  I searched for various topics related to my career and personal interests, and chose some initial blogs to follow.  I’d like to read some WordPress blogs and ultimately compare them to the highly rated blogs as per and other blog review sites.

For now, I chose blogs relating to interior design, kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing and on a personal level, horses, of course!!  I also am following a classmate’s blog (“Hi Lisa”!).  One that I re-blogged and linked you to at the beginning of this article is related to design, and you can check out some others following this post.

Well, readers, it’s time to close for now, and here’s wishing you ‘Happy Blogging Trails this coming week!! (That is some ‘Horse Speak’ if you are wondering!)



3 thoughts on “CD Reflection Blog IV – SMM Class

  1. “Spam and ham, spam and ham” – sounds like the beginning of a Monty Python song. 😉

    The WordPress forums are an invaluable source for help and I’m glad to see you are spending some time there. Folks in those forums have saved my tail in situations. Yet another example of the wisdom of the crowd!

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