CD Reflection Blog V – SMM Class


Spring Daylily

Spring Day Lily


Yes, spring is officially here, though I would NOT say it’s “Sprung” yet!!  Hopefully the snow will continue melting and we will finally see some “Reflection” in the water, as my home page image suggests, LOL!!  Of course, many folks headed south during spring break to bask in the sun and reflect in Warm water!!

On to my 3 social media marketing learning objectives for the week:

  1. Upload my class group Paper Airplane video on my personal You Tube page, from my android smart phone and PC devices.
  2. Enhance this and future WordPress blogs with keywords, tags & widgets.
  3. Develop Linked In profile and post (market) job openings there as well as other business networking sites.

Objective 1

The first thing I tackled was to learn how to set up my smartphone to enable video downloading back and forth between the phone and my laptop PC.  I set up an application called Motocast between the two devices and now I can more easily download videos and upload to You Tube.   We are in the process of purchasing a tablet to use for business related video production also, but I do use the phone alot in business applications, and will probably continue to do so.  I just have to figure out the volume setting on the phone to get that a little better and experiment with video editing.  We will be participating in the upcoming Woodbury, MN Community Expo on April 6th, 2013, and I intend to shoot a video clip at the expo and insert that into the next blog for some practice.

Here’s my very first You Tube Video – done in class on March 12th:

Objective 2

I started using keywords, tags, and widgets with this week’s blogs, so we’ll see what happens with the hits on the blog, RSS feeds and links.  At the time of this post I will use this as a beginning baseline from which to measure progress.

Objective 3

I worked on my Linked in Profile, adding to it and updating some of the information.  I also searched for groups and discussions that I may want to utilize.  A few initial ones added were social media marketing groups, refinishing industry related small business group, entrepreneur group, SBA and local chamber of commerce sites.

I found an interesting training video taken from a Social Media Marketing group site, “”, discussing how to choose the right SMM strategy and goal setting. The video was produced at a country farmhouse, complete with roosters crowing in the background, while the trainer was presenting.  I thought this was another good example showing humor being used to attract and hold consumer interest, too!  You should definitely check out this site, compliments of Mike Crosson, Moderator and Publisher at   Check out the “50 Social Insights from Real Marketers” through this link:

N-Hance WI Wood Renewal

Lastly, I utilized some social media marketing concepts with a job opportunity we have for our refinishing business.  We are looking for an entry level Technician Assistant for cabinet and floor refinishing.  This is a link to a separate post on this blog site with the job details.  I utilized additional SMM venues by posting it on our local Chamber of Commerce websites and Linked In, along with links to our company website,

Well that is all for now, and once again time to say goodbye. Again, I encourage you to be inspired by your own Social Media Marketing learnings…….and THINK SPRING!!