CD Reflection Blog VI – SMM Class


"Hey Guys, Great News!!  Another snow storm is on its way April 10th!!!"

“Hey Guys, Great News!! Another snow storm is on its way April 10th!!!”

April 9th Greetings!

Ok, just LAST WEEK I said HAPPY SPRING to all and featured spring flowers. This week, the above is a more accurate description!!   Hopefully, the 6 inches snow forcasted will be less and pass quickly!

For my 6th SMM Class Blog, here were the objectives:

  1. Add widgets for Recent Comments & SocialVibe – SocialVibe is a ‘new tools’ offering I learned of through
  2. Post a business event video after creating new video and editing.
  3. Download WordPress application on smartphone (Android) and set up a business Google+ Account.  Use tablet for new virtual viewer with business applications.

Objective 1:

I added the  ‘Recent Comments” widget after exploring that topic in my last couple blogs, so they would be visible to myself and readers.   I also wanted to add a new “SocialVibe” widget that was listed on the main page as a new tool, but it does not appear in the widgets page. I will seek out some WordPress user help to find out how and when it will be available.  Below is a brief description and link, for those interested.  It sounds like a pretty neat ‘blogging’ feature through which businesses can provide additional donations to charities important to them:

You spend a lot of time creating great content and attracting an audience for your blog. What if you could use that influence to make a positive social impact? Now you can.

We’ve teamed up with SocialVibe, and now by adding the SocialVibe widget to your blog, you are able to earn donations for the charity of your choice by getting sponsored by a brand that appeals to you.

Each time someone visits your blog and engages with your brand (by rating a video, for example), you’re making a difference. That impact is immediately visible on your badge, i..e., ‘My blog has provided 63 cups of clean water for people in need.’

The money donated comes from your brand, so you and your readers never have to pay a dime.

Setup is easy and only takes a few clicks – just go to Appearance->Widgets in your dashboard, add the SocialVibe widget and pick a cause and a charity. For more details you can find documentation in our support area. If you change your mind about your sponsor or cause, you can easily make adjustments by visiting your widget dashboard.

With SocialVibe, our community can pool our individual influences to create positive change in the world.

What an awesome idea, right?!!!!   

Objective 2

I practiced shooting another video, this time business related, uploading again from a smartphone and attempting basic editing prior to posting. I created a business dedicated YouTube account for our N-Hance Wood Renewal business.  I also hope to add this video to our business Facebook & other social media marketing venues; however, I had some issues, therefore my video is not quite ready for that!

For some reason I could not get it to upload from my smartphone directly to YouTube again.  I used the YouTube video editor to shorten the video after uploading from my computer (vs. smartphone), and updated my blog on April 14th after learning how to rotate the image and use Windows Live Movie Maker to do further editing and add titles and other  text information to the slides (A shout out goes to @social_skelly, Thank You!) :


Objective 3

I added a WordPress mobile application to my smartphone so I can be better connected to blogs thru that site and the WordPress reader feature.  I also am starting to create and build Google+ accounts for both business and personal gmail accounts – 2 created thus far. I understand this is another area of ‘SMM opportunity’ that is growing fast, similar to previous Facebook and Twitter growth and becoming more and more popular.

Another neat service we can now offer our wood refinishing customers is the ability to view their kitchen cabinets in different stain and paint color options when tyring to make kitchen remodeling decisions.  This is done  through a virtual (visual) application on an I-Pad or any other tablet device!!   I plan to dedicate a future blog to that topic, but in the meantime if you are interested in more information, please see our refinishing business website,

This is some pretty exciting technology for us as well as our wood refinishing clients!

That’s all for an SMM learnings update — happy blogging!!